Raw Interviews

Many of my listeners might find it interesting to hear all of an actual interview I´ve been doing, so I´ve decided to publish them here. They will not be uncut for several reasons: One person might say something that´s not intended to be made public or we might talk of some more private aspects of a situation. Sometimes both interviewer and interviewee is talking plane nonsense. My obligation is first and foremost to keep the confidentiality of the people I interview, but I hope by publishing more extended versions of my interviews, that listeners can get a deeper understanding of how journalists work.

Interview with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

In november 2014 I was traveling to Myanmar together with the Danish Minister of Trade and Development, Mogens Jensen from the party Social Democrats. In the capital Naypyidaw the group of danish journalists was given a 20 minut interview with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and we decided to let one of us, Mr. Steffen Kratz, lead the interview.
You can listen to the radio version by following this link.

Interview with Ahmad Zamzalin Hashim

Dato Sri Ahmad Zamzalin Hashim is the facilitator for joint working group peace dialogue process on Southern Thailand. I meet him in Putrajaya in may 2014 to do an interview on progress or lack of the same in the peace dialogue. It became an open hearted interview about one of the world most bloody insurgencies.


Interview with Rizki Aljupri

For this interview please meet Mr. Rizki Aljupri, the youngest candidate in the election on the 9th of april 2014 in Indonesia. We met at a Starbuck in the capital Jakarta an afternoon two days before the election. This story appeared on air in Orientering on the 16th of April. 


Singlish can, lah

This is not a raw interview, but a story about how I did not understand a single word when I first arrived in Singapore 😉